Pacific Shield Insurance - "Customer Service is Our Policy"

Why choose Pacific Shield?

With so many policies and carriers and important details, finding the best coverage for the most affordable price can become a tasking endeavor. Comparison shopping with us takes the hassle out of insurance shopping and puts you in control. We offer you:

No pressure or obligation to buy. You can use our services to verify that the insurance you already have, or are considering, offers you the best value.

Professional Advice. Have any questions? Call and talk to a professional agent who can help you in making the right decision.

Unlimited quote comparisons. You can see what type of coverage you can get for your money.

Convenient and hassle-free shopping. Research at your convenience through the internet, as well as assistance from our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

Always available Customer Service Representatives. Our representatives will guide you through the application process, answer questions and help you with your insurance needs.

High service standards. Our Customer Service Representatives are experienced insurance professionals. They undergo continuous education to keep up with changes in the insurance industry.

Impartial Assistance. Our Customer Service Representatives are not biased to any one company or carrier. They are here to help you find the best insurance products, price and service to meet your needs.